How do I clear old mapped drives & profile shares on workstations?

By PuterGuy07 ·
How do I clear mapped drives and a Profile share from workstations after replacing a server? I tried the NET USE * /DELETE /YES command at workstations, but no joy.

I just replaced my old Windows 2000 Server with a Server 2008 server. The W2K server was the only server on the network. I have transferred the FMSO roles to the new 2008 Server machine. I have edited the NET USE command in my Logon.CMD file to reflect the new server name. When I login to the workstations, they still map to a share on the old W2K server. I can do the "disconnect a mapped drive" in folder options and map it correctly, but I don't want to do this 5 times on 16 different machines. Is there an easier way?

Second problem is very similar, and maybe the same problem or solution. I edited the "profiles" tab in Active Directory Users & Computers to reflect the new server name where the roaming profiles are now stored, however the workstations are still loading the profiles from the old server. I suppose that I could change the folder name on the old server, have it error out and hopefully "find" the profiles on the new server, but I'm not sure that would work. How do I fix this?

P.S. I'm not a dedicated IT person, but I have setup my own network, so you may have to dumb it down a bit for me.

Thanks in advance. Jeff

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is there a logon script for mapping drives?

by CG IT In reply to How do I clear old mapped ...

To Disconnect a mapped drive:

Type net use x: /delete, where x: is the drive letter of the shared resource.

Note: best to read the whole article

note: net use command can be used in a batch file.

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A start

by MorrisNTex In reply to How do I clear old mapped ...

I had trouble with a server2003 server a while back and ended up having to create a new user account (that I still use for test purposes) and logging in that way to test my login script variables. What type of login scripts are you using? Insert a pause if you haven't already to confirm successes/errors in your script, you can later remove it.
Right now I'm using *.bat files as login scripts, hope to move onto Kixstart in the near future.
Are your desktops logging into the local domain or do you have them pointed to specific server? Since it sounds like they are logging in to the network from what you've said I'm assuming the domain.
Also in your "net use" statements are you using wildcards or the specific mappings you're trying to remove? My experience has been that wildcards don't always work and I have to be specific.
Another thing to consider where are your login scripts residing? On an older W2K server from some strange reason I had two "netlogon" directories, but only one was an actual share, didn't catch that at first.
Hope this helps some.

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Think I have cleared mapped drives and profile shares

by PuterGuy07 In reply to How do I clear old mapped ...

The net use * /delete /yes did end up working. I think what was happening is that my OTHER problem was affecting both things. That problem was that I forgot that I had forgotten that I had created a group policy to redirect application folders, and that group was pointing towards the old server and not the new server.

The workstations are taking forever to log in, but I think it is because they are deleting a historical list of mapped drives. Once everyone has logged in once, I will remove the net use * /delete command, and things should improve. Thanks gentlemen.

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