How do I clear space in my OS drive?

By sergeantmajorncc ·
i've been trying to clear storage space in my OS drive which is a 128gb ssd (i believe) and its not working for me

when i am in "C:\Users" and check the properties it shows that the size is 41.3 gb and the size on disk is 41.5 gb

but when i mouse over the user folder which is named "zachary" it only shows thats the size is only 5.90gb

So what do i do to get more free space because my drive is left with 20gb of free space
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Free up space on system drive

by wang520yan In reply to How do I clear space in m ...

In order to free up space on drive, you can try the following methods.
1.disable hibernation
It is a neat feature to save the content of your computer’s memory to the hard disk, which can make your computer start fast. It is allocated at almost 100% space of your computer’s installed RAM. For example, if you have a 8GB of RAM, your hiberfil.sys file will take up 8 GB of your hard drive space; if your RAM is with 20GB, your hiberfil.sys will occupy 20 GB.
Generally, Hibernate is enabled by default without hurting your computer. Therefore, if your system drive is almost full and every gigabyte is important for you, you can disable Hibernate to free disk space using the following steps.
(1) Click the Start button and type “cmd”.
(2) Right click the item that appears and select “Run as administrator”
(3) In the opened DOS command prompt window type “powercfg.exe /hibernate off”and press Enter
2.perform the Disk Cleanup function:
(1) Click “My Computer” to open File Explorer.
(2) Right-click the D drive and select “Properties”.
(3) Under the “General” tab, click “Disk Cleanup”.
(4) Windows will scan your drive and calculate how much space you can save by running Disk Cleanup.
(5) Select the files that you wish to delete form the drive, and hit “OK”.
3. turn off system restore
(1) Right-click “Computer” and then click “Properties”.
(2) In the left pane click “System Protection”.
(3) Select the disk you want to turn off System Protection for and click “Configure”.
(4) Select “Turn off system protection”, click OK, and then click OK again
more solutions can be found in the link below

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Free up space on system drive

by sergeantmajorncc In reply to Free up space on system d ...

Does this work on Windows 10 as well?
The drive that I want to clear is my OS drive (C: Drive)

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