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How do I code a basic web page?

By marouf70 ·
I am in a web design class. I have no clue about web design. Thinking I am going to be taught how to creat one, I instead got the following assignment:
Use Notepad or another text editor (like Crimson) to hard code a basic Web page describing your profession, hobbies or interests. This page will be the homepage of your website. Save your site homepage as ?index.html? or ?default.html.?

The page must look professional. Consider using the internet to get an idea of how professional Bio pages are published. (i.e., you should consider using table tags, images, paragraphs, headers etc.. to suit the need).

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Taking a web design before web development could be tough

by Slayer_ In reply to How do I code a basic web ...

Check out W3Schools for help.

Specifically, HTML. (links on left)

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An excellent reference...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to How do I code a basic web ...

Sam's Teach Yourself HTML...


My HTML classes used it, and what could be accomplished with help of this text in four weeks is more than your assignment appears to require.

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Dig in

by Oz_Media In reply to How do I code a basic web ...

Why wait for lessons? I did it without, in act I ended up learning the whole Maromedia Suite (Now Adobe Collection) (which is a WYSIWYG editor).

HTML will be teh foundation, however learnign HTML these days is a but useless as almost everything uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for smaller file sizes, faster page loads, and MYCH easier sitewide editing.

If you learn CSS, you will automatically learn basic HTML in the process.

I'd suggest searchign out tutorial sites, there are countless numbers of them, but you may want to start with the CDD COnsortium, many links and immense support found there.

In the end, you will find that you can do a lot more, a lot easier by using a good editor, such as Adobe's Dreamweaver.

If you learn Dreamweaver, it is very easy to then go over yor code and actually learn the code in a reverse method. Design the page and tweak the code.

The key and singlemost important part of web design though, is search engine optimization.

Keywords, Alt Tags, body tags etc. need to be weighted and balanced properly, spamming tags just hurts your positions.

I see extremely high end (expensive) websites everyday that are so poorly tagged that they are useless and teh great work is never found by those searching for the information/products they offer.

Even a cheapo, basic page, 'properly' optimized for a search engine will outrank some of the most intricately built pages. I'm sure it ticks off companies when they spend $20K and hundreds of hours designing their website, only to have a free page I built in 1 hour outrank them on Google.

FREE SEO is a good starting point, WebPosition Gold (First Choice Software) are great starters for positioning.

Learn code because you will need to understand it, but you can make a lot more money optimizing other people's pages. I quickly gave up designing websites when I found that I could make $1500.00 for each page that hit a top 10 slot in Google, which really takes no time or effort to do.

Get three or four websites ranking well and you can live on (literally)only a few hours work each month.

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Buy a book

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How do I code a basic web ...

on HTML.

Getting started is n't difficult, here's a reasonable tutorial.


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