How do I completely uninstall Snap Toolbar?

By DelennDax7 ·
A friend, who doesn't know anything about computers yet, has gotten infected with the Snap Toolbar. The only thing I can find so far about how to get it off is a "Remove Snap Toolbar" exe file published by - BUT I worry about telling her to download this as Web Of Trust has graded this site as RED. Has anybody else used this tool & is it safe, despite the site reputation? Thanks, Dax

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See the answer I sent to a user with this malware today.

by dsimp In reply to How do I completely unins ...

I found two tools/programs that will get rid of this bit of malware.

One is a program that will just deal with the toolbar/virus and it's registry entries and the other is an anti spyware/malware program which by coincidence I use.
This will offer you a 2.12mb file to download and execute to do the job.
Have no other programs running when you do this and reboot afterwards.
I'm guessing this will have you download the entire program so it can then be used to scan for and eradicate the malware for free.
I'm guessing it may find others too but I'm not certain because this is commercial software you usually have to purchase.

Kind regards,
DAve - Melbpc iHelp Team

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Reponse To Answer

by diek11 In reply to See the answer I sent to ...

Solution one is just as bad as the problem. It just wants to install itself and more junk on your system. Did you actually test this yourself, or just Google and cut and past?

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Reponse To Answer

by barryion In reply to See the answer I sent to ...

Snap Toolbar Removal ( no good.

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by jessymess In reply to How do I completely unins ...

Use an automatic removal tool to get rid of immediately.

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by barryion In reply to Removal

Doesn't work on Windows 8

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How to remove

by phodara In reply to How do I completely unins ...

First of all I would be very suspicious of any 3rd party tools for removing spyware other than major tools like ccleaner, malwarebytes, kaspersky, symantec etc. Many spyware apps actually masquerade as spyware removal tools.

Best thing to do is remove it manually. Here are some very general basic steps
1. Go under control panel panel-> programs and features remove the snaptool app.

The next steps you have to do, for every browser you have installed on your workstation:
2. In each browser go into browser settings and remove any plugins, or extensions that do not belong

3. Check your browser startup and remove any thing that looks suspicious

4. Check the settings for your browser's home page and remove every url that looks suspicious.

Once you complete the above for all your installed browsers ie, mozilla, chrome etc. You may attempt the following only if you have an understanding of the windows registry and are aware of the consequences of doing something wrong.

5. Search for snap and look for references to a url remove all the url references.

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Reponse To Answer

by jdubya62 In reply to How to remove

This worked for me...I was going to approach it this way in the first place. Too many tools out there that don't do much of anything...but look pretty.

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Simplest way

by lsd112 In reply to How do I completely unins ...

Sorry, similar solution was already given

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by Emailybar In reply to How do I completely unins ...

Sharks really came out to play with all their links. If you want to remove Google says to check this page out:

All the options are there, for future reference. DO NOT click other links supplied as answers on this page, this link is the only link you need to visit to remove and they won't tell you to download crap you don't need like others.

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