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how do i configure IBM eServer raid

By dstephens59 ·
I purchased an IBM e SERVER X342 DUAL PIII 1.26 GHz 1GB 72GB RAID

I will be installing Redhat 9.0 and run as a dbase server with MySQL ... this is the first time I have set one up.... can someone recommend what files and utilities to use.. and the install process

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by jc2it In reply to how do i configure IBM eS ...

At boot time you will see a RAID controller Bios post screen it will tell you to press a key combination to configure the RAID devices. Like (ctrl + A)

You will set up the RAID first according to your specifications. like RAID 0 or RAID 5

Insert the Red Hat 9.0 CD 1 and reboot. Make sure to install the MySQL packages and any addins like PHP, perl or Apache. It should configure the packages to work together. Invest in a getting started guide for MySQL.

Why use RH 9.0 it is getting old? It would be best to use RH ES 3 or 4. If price is the issue then get Fedora Core, or try Debian or Slackware.

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by mdmartin2 In reply to

Hey Guys,

At boot time, you have to hit ctrl-I
and then you still can't do anything but
look at the config.
what gives?

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by korgmeister In reply to how do i configure IBM eS ...

...? if you planning to use the server for critical business component and database. i suggest you hire a part time expert or casual expertise to do the maintaining and troubleshooting. of course if you are saving company's cost, there is no need to hired a full-time employee

last but not least, do backup frenquently! :)

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by hozcanhan In reply to how do i configure IBM eS ...

stephen , in answer one you have been given the clues . you will be prompted to load the driver at the first installation step . There is info in the IBM site for linux support . Also you need to be carefull how connect your disks ( on one scsi card or on ide/sata ultra sata connectors ) . make sure your disks are detected from inside the bios first . start with and find hundreds of sites for linux installation . if you want specific site names please pm.

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by dstephens59 In reply to how do i configure IBM eS ...

there is no raid controller screen .... it seems that this app is not installed

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