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    How do I configure my firewall to allow users access mails using OWA?


    by bidemmy ·

    I have two domains (D1 & D2)in my organisation. D1 is running Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003. D2 is new running on Windows 2008 server and Exchange 2007. OWA is being deployed on D2 and undergoing testing. D1 and D2 are connected to 2 different ISPs (ISP1 & ISP2). D1 is connected to ISP1 through a Cisco 1841 router serving as a firewall, D2 is connected directly to ISP2 for the purpose of testing.

    The problem is that users can connect to their mailboxes from any other ISP but cannot connect from D1 using ISP1. I tried connecting directly using ISP1 without passing through the router and it worked.

    What can I do to allow users connect to OWA on D2 without bypassing the router?

    Please help.

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