how do i Configure my Gmail e-mail to my microsoft outlook

By emreblora ·
Could some help me please im having problems....
i want to configure my gmail account to my microsoft outlook somene help me please

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by emreblora In reply to Google knows all

i already configure my gmail account to microsoft outlook why is it im having errors on (recieving) what shall i do??? some one help me please????

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Configuring outlook for Gmail

by ra.prakasam In reply to how do i Configure my Gma ...
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Enable it in GMail

by technogeek-1995 In reply to Configuring outlook for G ...

Enable POP in Gmail.

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Your Reply

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Configuring outlook for G ...

It's very nice of you to post those instructions. However, I have a few things to point out.

(1) You're replying to a question asked about a year and a half ago. If they're still having problems... they've got REAL trouble.

(2) The instructions you posted were for Outlook Express. The question was about Outlook. While the steps to configure an email account are all similar, someone trying to follow them for Outlook MIGHT get lost.

(3) On this web site, IF people want to thank you, it is customary to use the "Mark As Useful" button which the original poster would have available them. Nobody sends "thank you" emails because it would reveal our own email addresses to possible SPAMMERS.

(4) If I were you, I would remove the email address from your post. SPAM BOTS troll this web site heavily looking for things like this. So, unless you enjoy being flooded with SPAM and PORN, better take the email address out of sight. If anyone wants to contact you, they can use the "Personal Message" features of this web site. Nobody needs to know your email address.


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by technogeek-1995 In reply to Your Reply

Porn might not be so bad.

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Outlook - Gmail has a Guide

by technogeek-1995 In reply to how do i Configure my Gma ...

Gmail has a guide (if using Vista's Mail, problems may occur). Try this.

Outlook 2003
Enable POP in Gmail ON WEB BROWSER
-In outlook go to TOOL>Email Accounts
-Select New Account
-Select POP3
-Fill in information>(incoming says) (outgoing says)
-Select >My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
-Select >Use same settings as my incoming mail server

Here are some troubleshooters>>>

If you need 2007, let me know.

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That is for IMAP <nt>

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to 2007

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