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    How do I configure my network.


    by jwilli36 ·

    I have ATT DSL:: 2701 HGV —and I am trying to connect a Cisco e3000 wireles router for my 1st floor and a Cisco e2000 router for coverage on my 2nd floor. I cannot get the IP adresses correct. I also have a netgear GS108t smart switch in the mix which I am currently avoiding.I need some configuration assistance.

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      by jwilli36 ·

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      Are you sure it is the IP addresses?

      by seanferd ·

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      If it is set to DHCP, this will take care of itself. If you are using static addressing, just assign a LAN address in the 2Wire for the Cisco, then assign the same IP to the Cisco’s WAN port.

      You are going to need to set up bridging on the Cisco router. See router documentation if the interface isn’t self-explanatory.

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        For both Cisco routers?

        by jwilli36 ·

        In reply to Are you sure it is the IP addresses?

        Do I set up bridging on only 1 Cisco router or on both ?

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          For anything behind the main router.

          by seanferd ·

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          Since you are using the others as access points, correct?

          They usually offer “bridge” or “WAP/AP mode” terminology for the relevant config.

          And how you configure which router depends on whether both are connecting to the 2Wire or if you are daisy-chaining one Cisco to another. Just use the appropriate IP addresses, and don’t duplicate any IPs that aren’t meant to point to the same device.

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      Here is how I solved my Upstairs/Downstairs Access

      by wwgorman ·

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      I have Cisco Valet Plus in my office upstairs in a 4500 sq. ft. house with 2/3 of the space on the first floor. For good coverage on the first floor I added a Hawking Technology Hi Gain Wireless G Range Extender on the first floor. On the second floor in my office and in my wife’s office down the hall we have 5 bars of signal. Downstairs with the Hawking Extender we have 4 bars of signal. Upstairs we log onto the Valet Plus unit directly and downstairs we log on to the Hawking extender. We have the password for both WPA2 protected devices the same so their is no confusion. The two upstairs units are portables used as desktops and the computer used downstairs is a Netbook moved around to the room where we are for some extended time.

      Both the Valet Plus and the Hawking Extender set up time was less than it took to unpack each.

      Caution: Do Not Use The Cisco WRE54G Extender unless you want a hobby of trying to make and keep it working.

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      Have you checked this?

      by wesley.chin ·

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      You mentioned ATT, is that AT&T? If so, is login in required? if so, check to see whether you have the proper information entered for Login/Username and Password. The password is autogenerated by AT&T. As simple as it sounds, it was the answer for a similar scenerio encountered in the past. Post back if more assistance is required.

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      Try To Configure each With a Different IP Address

      by wwgorman ·

      In reply to How do I configure my network.

      The normal address for access to the router is however, you have DSL and that is the address for the Modem in that case.

      Try for one router and for the other. If that doesn’t work try for the second router.

      To do this you will need to plug the router directly into your computer from one of the other than WAN slot. For whatever the reason I like slot #2 on routers for this purpose as I was once told this was the “best.” Don’t ask me why.

      There should be no need to log on to AT&T as the DSL line is activated into your house already.

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