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At the company where i am working there is already an existing LAN with a DC.I am supposed to configure it into a VPN.I ve read some notesespecially on this same site and i think i will manage. The only prolm is that i dont know how i will configure the second NIC (which i am yet to install).which one should connect to the LAN & which one to the WAN.Will the IP Addreses change?

Somebody help me keep my job!

kt. zambia

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Two NICs

by oldbaritone In reply to HOW DO I CONFIGURE TWO NE ...

What is the second NIC going to connect to? It sounds like you are using the computer as a gateway or a router. What is the WAN? Is it the internet, or something else?

The configuration depends on a lot of things. If the WAN supports DHCP on that side, you may set it for DHCP. If you're plugging the second NIC into the LAN, and the existing DC provides DHCP, the LAN NIC might also be set for DHCP.

Or maybe one or both need to be set with static IP.

To your question of "which one should connect to LAN & which one to the WAN" - it depends on what is configured. A lot depends on the configuration of the VPN.

Is internet connection sharing going to be enabled, or no? That also may make a difference.

I can't help much more than that without more information.

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