How do i connect a desktop to a laptop to access the internet?

By shadase ·
i have a desktop (using VISTA) and i want to connect it to the internet Through a Laptop(on Windows7) that is already connected to a wireless connection. How do i do it? somebody help.


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by robo_dev In reply to How do i connect a deskto ...

is to provide the same wireless connection for the desktop. So if the laptop is connecting to a wireless router of some sort, then a wireless adapter could be added to the desktop to give it the same capability.

However, if the laptop is using an expensive wireless broadband connection, then there are several options.

There is a program that's part of Windows called Internet Connection Sharing. That program is installed and configured on the Laptop, then you need a simple ethernet switch and two ethernet cables. This will allow the laptop to work similarly to a WLAN router.

If the wireless adapter in the laptop is a PC-card Wireless modem which can be unplugged and removed from the laptop, then the fastest, simplest, and most reliable solution would be to buy what's called a HSPDA router, often called a 3G router, if the wireless is 3G. This device is the same as a typical home wireless broadband router, but it has a slot for a broadband cellular modem which would then allow you to connect multiple PCs or printers to the home network, and the wireless card would provide internet access. This device would provide both Wired internet access to devices such as your desktop and Wireless LAN (WiFi) connectivity to your laptop (or wired).

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