How do i connect my time attendance device to VPN

By sharq.66 ·
We have 15 time attendance device at different locations for staff attendance.We have to connect all these attendance device in one server so that we can download the attendance log. We have windows server 2008 at our headoffice and the attendance software is installed in this server. Can you please advice me how do i configure VPN server in windows server 2008 and how do i connect all these device through VPN.

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Any particular type of "time attendance device"?

by TobiF In reply to How do i connect my time ...

This would totally depend on what type of time attendance devices you're using, and what these devices expect when they want to communicate with your server.

If the devices can connect via https, then maybe you don't need vpn?

If the devices would just communicate in clear and expect local connectivity, then you'll need to connect them to a router, which would act as a VPN client.

So, the easy answer is: It depends!

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Thanks for the reply

by sharq.66 In reply to Any particular type of "t ...

the model which we are using is Magic pass 4800. Right now we are manaually downloading the log but the device have an TCP/IP option. It cannot connect via https.

We have to connect it through VPN.

Please advice

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Any more details?

by TobiF In reply to Thanks for the reply

Do you know any more details about this "tcp/ip" communication?
Which side initiates communication (the device and/or polling from server)

Does it use http?

How does the device get its ip-settings? (DHCP or manually)

Does it use IP address or server name (DNS or WINS)

Are these totally different locations? Would the VPN be connecting over internet or just your lan.

What more questions should I have asked?
Searched for the product via Google. In one place, it claims that the unit can communicate via WAN, this probably means that it is able to somehow protect its communication...

Didn't you get any documentation?

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Device Details

by sharq.66 In reply to Any more details?

For communication device have TCP/IP, Subnet and Gateway option.

I dont think this device support http. But the retailer told me that we can connect this device through VPN.

Right now we are manually downloading attendance log through USB from each location.

As the devices are installed at different locations in Al-Ain and Abu-Dhabi i think we cannot use DHCP neither i think this device support DHCP. Each location we have DSL line connected with the linksys router.

We need VPN through internet as we have DSL lines on each location.

Any further assistance ?

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You need to learn a bit more

by TobiF In reply to Device Details

The "options" you mention are just basic statis ip settings.
It doesn't even ask for dns server address.

First of all, I suggest you play with one device in the same location as your server. Just try to make it work, without VPN.

Once that works, and you know how to initiate communication between the server and the device, then the next step is to use VPN to simulate the same environment for the system even when they are located in different parts of the country.

EditAdd: And then, most probably, you're going to need smart routers, which can take care of all the vpn stuff, since these devices don't seem to bother at all...

One more thing you can start checking in the meantime: Are all your public ip addresses fixed or dynamic?

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Workgroup and Domain

by sharq.66 In reply to You need to learn a bit m ...

We have two offices in two different cities. At one place we have domain environment which is DHCP configured. Same domain also working as an VPN server for our remote sites to access data and application.

At other office we have Windows server 2008 with the time attendance software installed in it. This server the software company have provided us.

Now at this place we need to connect all the attendance devices through VPN.

We dont have domain environment over there because this site is just opened.

I am totally confused what to do and what not because previous IT person has left lot of mess here.

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Any advice on this

by sharq.66 In reply to How do i connect my time ...

Seeking help to configure vpn on windows server 2008 to connect 15 time attendance device to download attendance log. Attendance device have an option of TCP/IP.

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Static IP, router configuration?

by oldbaritone In reply to Any advice on this

Are all of the remote locations already using VPN to connect to the main office?

It's unclear exactly what you need, but perhaps you could just assign static IPs to each time attendance device in the VPN address space at each remote location.

Static IP may be an easy way of knowing which terminal is where, and let the routers handle the details of the VPN connection to the server. Especially if the VPN is already in use, just let the router handle it.

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Looks as if he does't have vpn on these sites...

by TobiF In reply to Static IP, router configu ...

In another post in this question, OP writes that he needs to somehow create VPN connections to a Win2008 server, which is on its own in a workgoup setting.

I figure he needs to activate the VPN server part of the server, and then find suitable routers to act as endpoints.

That might be solved with consumer routers and OpenWRT/DD-WRT with OpenVPN, but it may be too tricky for him...

What kind of professional routers would be able to maintain a VPN connection at a decent cost?

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by sharq.66 In reply to Looks as if he does't hav ...

I dont have VPN on this site...

just have windows server 2008...and we dont even have a domain environment on this site.

I have to configure windows server 2008 as a vpn server so that i can connect my time keeping devices at one end...

Do i have to make my server domain controller before configuring VPN ?

time keeping device have an option of TCP/IP, gateway and subnet but not DNS/WINS..

Instead DNS/WINS the time keeping device have an option called DEVICE ID...

Now can i know that while installing VPN at server side shall i give a range of IP and then i will assign that IP to the time keeping devices ?

Will it work ?

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