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    How do I connect this computer to the internet?


    by cecilfullard ·

    I am running a PC on Windows XP and recently reformated it. I never have had any problems with this PC when I format it before and now suddenly it won’t connect to the internet. Anyone here want to take a shot at trying to get this one back up?

    This computer is connected through a network and there are three computers total on it. Two of the computers connect, but my recently reformat PC will not. The PC is running at this moment and shows that it thinks it is connected but it is not, the wire is out of the back.

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      by cecilfullard ·

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      So what happens when you plug the Wire in?

      by oh smeg ·

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      Depending on what you have there I would hazard a Guess that the Network Drivers need to be installed. You’ll need the Driver Disc for the M’Board, or Network Card and install them

      To check this out open the Device Manager by left clicking on Start then right Clicking on My Computer then Left Click on Proprieties in the Drop Down Menu and then Left Click on the Hardware Tab in the Window that opens and then Left Click on Device Manager.

      Look down the list in the next Window that Opens and look for any Yellow Triangles with a Black Exclamation Mark Through them. These indicate devices without their Drivers installed.

      If you do not have the M’Board or Network Card Disc you can use the Unknown Device Identifier to identify your Hardware and then Google the XP Drivers for those Devices. 😉

      If all of the Devices have their drivers installed try running the Network Setup Wizard in XP which is found in here.

      Click on Start, then All Programs, Accessories and then Communications. Left Click on Network Setup Wizard and run the Setup procedure with the Network Cable plugged in.


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      Network card driver

      by markgreenhall ·

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      Perhaps make sure you have the latest network card driver from the manufacturer website (rather than the old one that came with the PC originally).

      If you already have that, maybe uninstall and reinstall the network card.


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