How do I connect to a server with XP Pro?

By dragonorb13 ·
OK, here's my situation, and hear me out. I'm not a genius when it comes to the software side of IT, but I'm competent. So, I decided that, since I get the software free from my school and I got the hardware dirt cheap from a place that was going out of business, I'd set-up a file and application server, just to get my feet wet so to speak. Thing is, I'm having some issues. All of my networking experience is in the hardware side, and all of my software experience is gaming related.
First off, I have Windows Server 2003 Enterprise edition set up on the server hardware. It's configured as a DNS server, a Domain Controller (with active directory and a domain, though I don't think you can set them up with out it), an Application server, and a File server. The computer I'm currently trying to hook up to it has Windows XP Pro SP2 on it.
I can't see the server in 'Network Places', and I can't join the domain, even though I set up both my computer and an account in the Active Directory. From the server, I can't see the computer. I've tried this both over the laptop's wifi connection and via a hard line. No dice. And, to top it all off, everything I could find everywhere else assumes that I have at least level 2 tech support knowledge, which I don't. Heck, I don't even know how to join up a work group with XP.
I would greatly appreciate a detailed guide, though any information would be helpful.

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