How do I connect wireless router to ATT DSL -more than one user can share?

By callcentertiger ·
I am trying to connect wireless router to ATT DSL - so more than one user can share the net connection off the air through a wireless connection, without making too many modification to the starcomm dsl modem supplied by ATT or requesting a static IP from their sales dept!

Thanks In Advance,

Paul L
Dallas TX

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Pretty sure that is a modem/router

by robo_dev In reply to How do I connect wireless ...

therefore, plug in a Wireless Access Point into a free ethernet port and you're done. If you need more ports, plug in a simple lan switch.

You don't want to use a WLAN router, or else you'll have a router plugged into a router, which does not work well for many reasons.

Most ISPs will swap a wired router for a WLAN router at no cost, since hardware is so cheap. Sometimes you have to call and whine and threaten to cancel service, but surely they will give you either a Netopia WLAN DSL router or a UTStarcomm of some sort.

Plan B is just to get a WLAN router with a built-in DSL modem. You then just need to add your DSL login ID and password to the device and you're good to go.

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More Details about Hardware would help but..

by rwczen In reply to How do I connect wireless ...

What is the model of the Modem? What is the model of the wireless router?
Assuming the DSL modem is not wireless and only has 1 port to connect to 1 computer the setup should be fairly simple. On the Wireless router you should have a port called WAN, disconnect the cable going from the DSL modem to the computer and connect it between the WAN port and the DSL modem. The Wireless router will usually have 4 ports called LAN, connect a network cable from any of those 4 ports to the computer that your previously disconnected. You then will need to configure the Wireless Router to log on to the internet, and also enable Wireless sharing. Without knowing what models of Wireless Router I can't provide exact instructions. However I assume you have the manual for the router, if not you should be able to obtain it from the manufacturers website. What you need to do though would be connect to the router using your web browser by entering the IP address of the router in the address bar (for example: you will most likely be required to enter the Username and Password for the router (example, user: admin , password: admin) Once in the configuration pages you will need to tell the Router what type of Internet connection you have which is PPPoE in your case, and you will need to enter the Username and Password that ATT gave you for your internet access. There should be an Update or Save button at the bottom of the pages, so make sure you click the buttons after you make the necessary changes. Once that is done you should find a page (tab) like Status that tells you if the router connected to the internet. Once you are connected you will have to setup the Wireless access, look for a page (or tab) that has settings to enable wireless access, you will provide an SSID (just any name you would like to call your wireless network), chose a security level such as WPA-PSK2, chose a password (this is the password that other people will require to connect wirelessly to your network), again Save the changes and that should just about do it. Go to a computer or device that has wireless capabilities, search for networks, choose the one with the SSID you assigned, enter the password you created and you should be online.

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