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How do I copy my PW protected data to a back up HD?

By exoteric99 ·
How do I copy PW protected data to a back up HD? I know all the passwords since it is my computer.
I need help!! I bought a new Toshiba computer 2 yrs ago and the drive just went out. The computer will not boot up. It gets stuck on the same screen and will not boot.

I bought an enclosure and a new Seagate BU drive. I tried copying the data from the Laptop HD to the seagate backup drive, but the 3 user accounts are password protected and are inaccessible. I am the only user of the compute and know the passwords to access all the users.

How do I back up my data from the blown laptop HD to the new seagate backup drive? When I try to access the drive or back up, I receive an error message that access is denied because of it being password protected.

I am not very computer savvy, so please tell me in layman's terms how to do this!! Best Buy says they can do it but will charge $159.00 and a local IT place here in Atlanta will charge $200.00. I hae gotten as far as hooking up the drives to a computer. What do I do next?

Second problem: When I bought the laptop, I never made a boot disk (bc I did not know how to do it). It did not come with the MS Windows disk. How do I recover this?

I appreciate all your help!! I may be reached at my user name at yahoo.
Thank you!! Joy

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