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How do I copy vista OS to new drive?

By baxt76 ·
I have just got a new 2.5 250GB drive for my laptop and would like to copy the OS on to it ready to insall. The laptop didn't come with a disk so a clean install isn't pos. I don't need any files or folders as I already have them backed up on disk. Could anybody tell me how I go about doing this? Thanyou.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to How do I copy vista OS to ...

You will need an install disk to do a fresh install or you will need to use disk cloning software to copy the drive from one to another.

Some disk cloning software would be:

Norton Ghost
Acronis True Image

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does your laptop have a recovery partition on it?

by Sue T In reply to How do I copy vista OS to ...

a lot of computers now a days do not come with actual CDs but have a recovery partition on the hard drive that has everything you need, this partition is sometimes hidden. Also, whenever I buy a computer now adays one of the first things that happens when I turn it on is a message comes up telling me to make recovery CDs or if a message doesn't come up there is documentation telling me to do that. Contact the laptop manufacturer and ask them and they should be able to help you or send you the CDs.

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Yes it does have a recovery partition

by baxt76 In reply to does your laptop have a r ...

It does have a recovery partition, does this meen I can load the OS onto the new drive or will it just reload the old drive as it normaly would?

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Part of the agreement between the System Makers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I copy vista OS to ...

And M$ is that the system makers supply a Recovery method for the OS & installed programs to be reloaded in the event of a failure.

To this end the System Makers incorporate a Recovery partition if they do not supply Recovery Disc/s.

If there is no Recovery partition or Recovery Disc's you don't have a Legitimate Copy of Windows and you have purchased from a Pirate.

Though if you have a Name Brand NB you can always contact that maker and buy a Recovery Set for your Model NB.


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Would a recovery set write the OS

by baxt76 In reply to Part of the agreement bet ...

or would it just be to recover the running drive, I created a back up disc before the laptop was used for the first time.

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That is the Recovery Set and it installs the OS and

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Would a recovery set writ ...

Whatever software comes with your computer new as well as any additional required Drivers. It's what you need to install the OS onto a new HDD but you first need to check that it actually works.

If recorded Disc's are not stored correctly they get wiped very quickly. The obvious things to protect them from is Direct Sunlight and excessive heat.

Stick the First Disc into the Optical Drive and try starting the computer. If the system doesn't boot from the Optical Drive you need to set the Boot Order in BIOS to Optical Drive before the HDD and save the changes when you go to exit the BIOS.

The system will then boot from any Bootable Optical Disc or at the very least give you the option what you want to do.


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Copy the recovery Partition

by mamies In reply to How do I copy vista OS to ...

I would copy the recovery partition with a program like this http://ping.windowsdream.com/ (It is free and the instructions to use it on are on the site somewhere) onto the new Hard drive.

Then I would install the new hard drive into the notebook and then try and access the recovery partition.

Remember when you do this, do not format your old Hard Disk until it all works because it has your recovery partition on it.

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Tool that will help move OS drive contents

by tom.leverenz In reply to How do I copy vista OS to ...

I have used Acronis sucessfully but it was on a desktop where I could have both hard disks attached at the same time. You might be able to set up the new drive as a USB attached device with an adapter and then move your data that way. After the image has been moved then you move the physical drive to the machine.

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I was thinking along those lines

by baxt76 In reply to Tool that will help move ...

If I attach the new drive by usb, then do a dsk 2dsk recovery , but choose the new drive as the location for the OS. Am I right i thinking it would load it to that, the other disk I can reformat later.

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Yes you are correct here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I was thinking along thos ...

Though with Acronis you need to copy the Recovery Partition First or it will not be in the correct position on the HDD.

I have used Acronis many times to Clone a NB HDD to a External USB Enclosure without any problems.

Only thing is that you need to replace Multiple Partitions in order if you use this.


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