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How do I create a script to map non-mapped network drives?

By rob_annable ·
Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any help you can offer on this.

I work in the SD for a financial company who have scripts to map network drives for all users when they log in to their machines. This fails probably 10% of the time and with 600+ staff it means a lot of calls!

Its easily fixable, there are vbs scripts for each department so when they call, I just remote on to their machine and run the appropriate script which forces the mapping.
I was wondering if there is a way to run a command in powershell/cmd locally on my machine to make this quicker? Somehow running a query thats says "If this user on X hostname has 0 network locations mapped, run the appropriate logon script again and map them"

Any ideas you have would be fantastic and save a lot of time on each call.

Come on TR gurus, I know you can do this :)

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Logging out and in again?

by Kenone In reply to How do I create a script ...

That doesn't work? In my experience that nearly always works. You could just copy a shortcut to the script to their desktops and, when the logon script fails just have them double click the icon.

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Or copy it to their startup folder

by markp24 In reply to How do I create a script ...


you can place it in the startup folder so it runs twice.

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by rob_annable In reply to How do I create a script ...

I want a command line solution to map it for the users, I could ask them to log out and back in which might sort it but its an inconvenience for the user to do this...

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