How do I create a special character formula in Excel 2007?

By awgoodrich8 ·
I'm creating a spreadsheet in Excel 2007 and I have 4 columns. Column A will only be either a green check mark or a red one depending on whether or not ANY text is entered into column D. How do I get column A to automatically display that RED or GREEN check mark when anything is type into column D. A RED checkmark if nothing is entered and a GREEN one if something is?

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Conditional Formatting

by robo_dev In reply to How do I create a special ...
Note the section on 'create coloured shapes' in the above example.

"I am trying to conditional format a blank cell to fill RED, can this be done?"

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I figured it out the hard way

by awgoodrich8 In reply to How do I create a special ...

After using the first link that robo_dev included above and after scouring the internet for other helps and A LOT of trial and error and final tweeking I created an Excel Spreadsheet to help anyone create a list of companies that they are looking at, what the URL is of the careers site of the company they are applying for and lastly a column for any jobs they applied for. If a job is applied for or a resume is submitted to that company you type in what you applied for or even if you didn't apply for anything but want to keep that company in the list for future reference you type 'none'. Depending on if you type in a job applied for or 'none'. A green check mark will be placed in the first column, site visited, so you know you've visited that website and applied for a job or subbmitted a resume. A RED check mark will appear in the first column if you've typed 'none' in the last column meaning you visited the website but either couldn't find any jobs or just didn't apply and you can check back in a week or so to see if there is anything new. IF you apply for a job for a previous company with which you appplied for no jobs, enter the job applied for and the check mark will go from RED to GREEN. Of course all this info is entered from the user but it's a very convenient way to keep track of companies, websites and jobs you've applied for and refering back to that particular company is just a matter of opening the spreadsheet and clicking on the URL entered into the space for that company. Some of the columns and rows I've locked for editing but like that's going to stop anyone from cracking the password for it. IF you'd like a copy of the Spreadsheet let me know and I'll be glad to send it your way. Thanks to robo_dev for getting me started on this little project.

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