How do I create a virtual network without modifying my physical network?

By iskenderzach ·
Hey guys, so briefly,

My end goal is to create a domain environment for testing purposes.

I'm watching a tutorial on youtube, and in order for me to have my server and pc connected I was instructed to log into my router and check off "use gateway as DHCP server".

When I do this my wifi stops working meaning my smart TV and smartphone become disconnected from the internet. Is there any way around this?
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Try out this

by jessewalter375 In reply to How do I create a virtual ...

To add a new virtual Ethernet adapter, follow these steps.
-Be sure the virtual machine to which you want to add the adapter is powered off.
-Open the virtual machine settings editor (VM > Settings).
-Click Add.
-The Add Hardware Wizard starts. Select Network Adapter. Click Next.
-Select the network type you want to use — Bridged, NAT, Host-only or Custom.
-If you select Custom, choose the VMnet network you want to use from the drop-down list.
Note: Although VMnet0, VMnet1 and VMnet8 are available in this list, they are normally used for bridged, host-only and NAT configurations, respectively. Special steps are required to make them available for use in custom configurations. You should choose one of the other switches.
-Click Finish. The new adapter is added.
-Click OK to save your configuration and close the virtual machine settings editor.

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