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By Amadi Chidinma ·

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by PurpleSkys In reply to HOW DO I CREATE A WEBSITE ...

a decent web designer...best $ you'll ever spend

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HOW DO I CREATE A WEBSITE ...

Well as stated above you hire a Professional Web Developer with Experience. The more experience that this person has the more you tend to pay them.

if you don't want to hire a professional Web Developer you can go to school study Web Development and then after you have sufficient experience you can design the Web Site.

Of course those without sufficient experience or a lack of understanding of what is possible and required can design a site like the New Design of TR and make what was once a good site easy to use a complete mess with no functionality and always falling over.

As a starting point read this TR Article



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Well if you are going for do it yourself, given your apparent state of

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to HOW DO I CREATE A WEBSITE ...

knowledge, I suggest you start by perusing this site
www.owasp.org, might convince you not to I'll admit. In fact it should.
Start small, and don't publish the thing, until the basics are right.

Despite your foolishness, I commend your bravery...

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What they said

by a.portman In reply to HOW DO I CREATE A WEBSITE ...

Either learn to code or hire someone who has.

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My advice

by jck In reply to HOW DO I CREATE A WEBSITE ...

1) Learn to design websites
2) Learn to code/script web technology
3) Find out what kind of business you need to design for
4) ???
5) Profit

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Let your company pay for it

by Bseyne In reply to HOW DO I CREATE A WEBSITE ...

Hi Amadi,

If your looking for a simple website consisting of 5 pages, i recommend wysiwyg webdesign software like yahoo site builder or like ones offered by hosting companies like powweb, website tonight, etc..
Furthermore, if you really have the time & energy, you can purchase a web design software & its tutorial cd or online resources but be prepared to put heaps of time and energy and its not guaranteed you'll achieve an award winning site since so much goes into building a site from css to flash to many more, unless you turn out to be a gifted & undiscovered webdesign talent.

Finally, if youre doing it to gain recognition at your job, then may be there are other ways you might wanna consider instead of investing time & effort into building a website..

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do it if you have skills

by davisg In reply to HOW DO I CREATE A WEBSITE ...

hello, design it if you have the skills, at least in HTML, CSS, basic image editing in photoshop. you can use dream weaver or cms platforms like joomla and drupla.
if you do not have the skills, then hire a consultant to do the work.
bonne chance (;o))

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Web design

by ladybirdakins In reply to HOW DO I CREATE A WEBSITE ...

WOW! Thanks for the sound advice. I want to do the web design for my small organization but I have money constraints. Oh well I guess I will try something else!
Thanks again

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Don't be a "Do-It-Yourself-er"

by Xander_Crews In reply to HOW DO I CREATE A WEBSITE ...

Unless you are fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript AND graphic design or have a buddy who is a web God...hire a professional web designer WHO IS ALSO A GRAPHIC DESIGNER. There is no other correct solution.

Sure, you could go with a free service and do it yourself, but here's the thing... it's going to look like you did it yourself. You need to understand that YOU ARE NOT A WEB DESIGNER...and...YOU ARE NOT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER. Don't pretend to be one and screw up your business' online identity to save a few bucks.

Your website is your online identity that works for you 24/7. You don't want it to look like a beginner site made with a template that 10,000 other sites use. You want a site custom made for your business and your business' target market. You DO NOT want to take a generic template and slap your information and header graphic in there. That's seriously worse than having no site at all. It looks bad and it makes your business look bad.

I design & code websites for a living. I am proficient in graphic design and html/css. I know what I am talking about.

A great website won't be cheap, but you don't want to skimp on your website. It's an important marketing tool for your business. You get what you pay for with web design.

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Creating a company website...

by spunkycreations In reply to HOW DO I CREATE A WEBSITE ...

If you don't have any knowledge about website design or website development or for that matter, any skills whatsoever, you can start the process slowly. I believe I read somewhere here in the comments that someone suggested not publishing the site until the basics are right. That's good advice!! There are a few "free" websites that you can utilize to test out your ideas. Try Jimdo.com or even better.....Wix.com. The Wix website offers pre-made templates that you can easily edit without the knowledge of programming. It's flash-based and FREE, unless you decide to sell services/or products then you'll need to have an e-commerce site or something similar. Good luck!

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