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How do I deal with Rapid Growth?

By clone ·
Hello everyone! I am an IT manager at a small (60 employee) company. My company recently has started to grow very rapidly (nearly 4 a month). By the end of the year we are looking at doubling our capacity and tripling the amount of data we work on.

Of course we are going to have to purchase servers, workstations, networking...etc. What I want to know is where do I start? What problems do I need to identify before I even start planning? What resources can I use to help me?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Tis not as daunting as you think

by MallardtooXX In reply to How do I deal with Rapid ...

This is not as bad a task as you think. There are some simple guidlines you should follow and you will not be too crazy when this all comes together.

1) You need to get a practical picture of your current Data flow. How much are you pushing? How much do you expect to push? Are there any really nasty bottlenecks that already exist.
2)What OS are you currently running? Is it going to be enough to handle the Higher traffic load? Do you need to seek out a better solution like Citrix, to cover you? What are your licensing gaps if any? can you cover them efficently and allow for room to grow?
3)How robust does your hardware have to be? Do you really need BLEEDING EDGE technology or can you step back a model or two and still cover the load? What are your curent sortware requirements and will the hardware you are looking at exceed the current requirements by at least two fold?
4)What is the state of your current Network wiring? is there any? If so is it Cat5 or Cat6 is there enough in your budget to go Fiber-Optic? Is your wiring certified? How many techs do you have? can they go through a training track to learn the new network?
that is a start. I could go on but I haven't enough room. If you need more help emailme, I will be glad to give you more =)

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Start with that business case

by Oldefar In reply to How do I deal with Rapid ...

Your company has enough of a business case to project 100% growth over the next 12 months. This is a good starting point.

Break that business case into specific objectives that will achieve that growth. Break this into business requirements associated with the objectives. Use the business requirements to determine your technical objectives and in turn technical requirements.

You can do this as a phased approach if a rapid growth bubble is immenent.

Acquisition growth is different than internal growth and adds some additional requirements. Key aspects are a method to obtain accurate and current information of the IT elements being acquired, and flexibility to weigh where changes should be made.

A good start will be to get intouch with someone who has handled situations like this before. I did an 800% increase over 18 months, so feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this further.

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by clone In reply to How do I deal with Rapid ...

This is some really helpful information. Thanks guys!!

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