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How do I delete a second Workgroup off my XP SP2 PC?

By click ·
Don't ask how the second got there on my P2P home network.

Please play Santa and just tell me how to delete it.

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More info please

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How do I delete a second ...

I would have sworn it wasn't possible to be a member of two differetn workgroups. Is this XP Pro or Home, and can you describe in more detail exactly how you are viewing the workgroup settings?

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What I see

by click In reply to More info please

I go to My Network Places on the Start menu and use the explorer to go down the tree to Windows Networks. I click on that and I see the 2 workgroups. From the other PC I of course only see the 1 workgroup.

BTW they are both XP Pro.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to What I see

try this.

Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Computer Name. Is the workgroup listed the one you want to be a member of, or the one you want to remove?

If it is the one you want to remove, click on Change and change the workgroup name to the one you want. Reboot and the undesired one should go away.

If it isn't, do you have any idea what the undesired group is? Do you FTP or upload files to another system, perhaps a web site? Is it a workgoup that this computer was joined to in the past, perhaps at a gaming party?

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Did that already.

by click In reply to Okay,

I created the second workgroup by running the network wizard a second time and giving a slightly different name. My Network Places disappered then. I did what you suggested and changed the workgroup back to the ortiginal. My Network Places re-appeared and I could then see both groups. I've re-booted a couple times and both still show up!

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Are you on...

by noyoki In reply to Did that already.

a wireless connection?

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by click In reply to Are you on...

there's a wired linksys router between the 2 pc's.

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by noyoki In reply to no.

Assuming they are both desktops (some laptops have wireless built-in), can you get into both of these workgroups? If so, do you recognize anything inside the odd one? Also, have you run A/V and/or spyware/malware scans?

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# of Nic's?

by rkuhn In reply to How do I delete a second ...

Multiple NIC's?

2 wired? One wired, one wireless? One wired, two wireless?

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