How do I delete an email account that has been hijacked?

By countrygirl5012 ·
My email account was hijacked and I can not get into my email due to the hijacker has changed my password and security questions, how can I get into the account to delete it?

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by PurpleSkys In reply to How do I delete an email ...

the folks the email account is with, gmail, ISP account..

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Contacting the maker of email account.

by countrygirl5012 In reply to contact

I tried to contact the maker of the email account earlier,but I got a reply that all representatives were busy. I kept trying and then there was a message popped up that said yahoo online customer care services were closed to try back during regular business hours. I suppose I will have to try back tomorrow. I thought maybe someone here had been through the same problem and maybe could give me some information on what to do.

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RE: I thought maybe someone here had been through the same problem and may

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Contacting the maker of e ...

I'm sure than some people have been through this but the reality is that you need to contact Yahoo Mail as they own the Servers that this runs on, run the Software that runs it and they are the ones in control of their Systems.

The simple fact of life is that you do not own this E-Mail Address you just can use it. Even if you can prove that you where the person who set it up Yahoo has no obligation to stop it working as you do not know the Password or correct Details they are unlikely to even accept you as the Proper Operator of the Account.

Anything else than Contacting Yahoo is attempting to Crack the System and that's a Criminal Offense.

So the only correct answer here is to Contact the E-Mail Provider and speak to them. Though as you do not have the correct details it may be a very short conversation.


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by seanferd In reply to Contacting the maker of e ...

Is this a generic Yahoo account, or one provided by your ISP through Yahoo? If the latter, contact your ISP.

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Previous Details Known?

by Mike Bird In reply to How do I delete an email ...

You mention that the security question has been changed by the person(s) who have taken over the email account.

I would assume therefore that you know the previous security question / answer.

This should be sufficient to verify your identity to the email service provider. However you are going to have to phone them up OR email them.

Most major service providers will have a support account listed on their website or even a "chat" function in some cases.

Try checking their website first.

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E-mail account

by Kenogami In reply to Previous Details Known?

Have you tried password recovery from Yahoo?
Log into Yahoo mail and try to recover your password. You will have to answer the security quwations that you used to set up the account.
Good Luck

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