How do I download a specific hack?

By jborchel ·
I downloaded Hack #110 on tweaking XP. In the article Hacks #83 and #86 were referenced. I've tried to find those hacks on the site but have been unable to find them anywhere. There must be a list of Hacks but I don't know where it is. Help would be appreciated.


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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to How do I download a speci ...

If the article you are referring to is an excerpt from a book, in order to access the information referred to that is outside of that published article, you would need to purchase the book.

If you could provide a link to what article or download you are referring to, perhaps we could be of more help.

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Link posted below

by jborchel In reply to unfortunately...
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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Link posted below

That is an excerpt from a book.
A very good book, BTW.

Here's a list that includes all the excerpts from that book available for free through TechRepublic. Look at the ones where the company name is O'Reilly Media.

And here's where you can order a copy to get all the other tips and 'hacks.'

Glad I could help.

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