how do i eliminate slow startup

By edwardsandre70 ·
i have a pc that takes about ten minutes just to go to my desktop after i enter my password.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to how do i eliminate slow s ...

can you tell us the specs of the machine, OS, ram, processor>? could give us a better idea on how to answer your question

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Hey PurpleSkys

by edwardsandre70 In reply to info

OS:vista enterprise 32 BIT
proc:intel centrino duo core 1.66GHZ

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sounds like

by PurpleSkys In reply to Hey PurpleSkys

you have way too many processes loading on start up...can you tell us how many? may be as simple as turning some of them off in msconfig

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Leave it running or use sleep or hibernation {nt}

by Slayer_ In reply to how do i eliminate slow s ...
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That's how I have my daughter's PC setup.

by Ron K. In reply to Leave it running or use s ...

I'm buying more RAM today.<br>
This post prompted me to get it together and buy it. Four GB of PC 6400 on the way. It'll likely be here Friday. I just KNOW that everyone cares.

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Do you have a lot of programs on your desktop?....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to how do i eliminate slow s ...

Is your system a stand alone system (home computer) or is it networked (computers linked to a mainframe server)?
Windows XP?
Windows 98 SE?

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depends on the source

by mafergus In reply to how do i eliminate slow s ...

It could be a hardware issue, it could also be caused by having a lot of things running in startup. It seems like almost every app has a phone home feature that starts when you log in.

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Get Autoruns here:

by seanferd In reply to how do i eliminate slow s ...

And see how much junk is unnecessarily starting at system startup. Look especially at your system tray - lots of icons = lots of apps running all the time. Things like iTunes, scanner and printer software, instant messengers, etc., all slow down boot (and the system in general). Updaters for adobe, java, etc., don't need to run all the time if you check for updates yourself.

If you don't want to use Autoruns, find all the apps that start automatically and use their own settings to tell them not to do this.

And defragment your hard drive.

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Use BootVis.exe from microsoft

by BizIntelligence In reply to how do i eliminate slow s ...

Bootvis.exe is a performance tracing and visualization tool that Microsoft designed to help PC system designers and software developers identify performance issues for boot/resume timing while developing new PC products or supporting software.

More info at:

Download at:

You can use this tool to find which process or service is taking time at startup. Otherwise you can see if your harddrive is writing slow or is a trouble.

Once you found the culprit then use Autoruns.exe to remove that service or process.

Cheers !

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slow startup

by sancretor In reply to how do i eliminate slow s ...

1. defrag. Fragmentation, particularly of key system files and the files in your startupm list can slow down the windows startup.

2. check whether the HDD is running in UDMA mode or PIO mode. PIO mode is very slow (UDMA is default).

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