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How do I enable ICMP to allow pinging of a Windows 7 Home Premium computer

By john.jentzema ·
I have a small network, comprising a variety of hardware, running XP Pro, Windows Home Server and Server 2003 Enterprise. I also have one laptop that is running Windows Home Premium 64-bit. It is unpingable by all of the other computers on the LAN. How can I enable ICMP on this laptop? I have not been able to find any accurate nor concise information on this subject. Any information found to date appears to have glaring gaps in the required steps or is simply incorrect. Can any one offer some help here?

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ICMP Enabling

by SLHINC In reply to How do I enable ICMP to a ...

Windows firewall setting

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Tried this very site last night

by john.jentzema In reply to Yep, enable ICMP echo. He ...

Hi seanferd, got there last night and tried this guys' solution. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to make any difference for some reason. I wonder if he is referring to a version of Win 7 above Home Premium? When I got to the stage that he suggested that allows ICMP enabling, all but one was enabled for either v4 or v6. I enabled the disabled option, still no joy. Any more suggestions? They will be gladly received.

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It would seem not to be a 7 firewall issue, then.

by seanferd In reply to Tried this very site last ...

You should only need to allow incoming ICMP (v4 and/or v6, depending on which version of the internet protocol you are using) per network profile.

Is this a newly introduced Win 7 machine? Are you having issues other than an inability to ping? I would think, then, that the networking isn't set up fully. I'm not sure how the Homegroup networking setup plays with Workgroups (or do you have a domain set up?).

Is XP up to date with SP3? You may need to make sure that Link Layer Topology Discovery is enabled. LLTD is used so XP can communicate with Vista and 7.

A lot depends on how the network is configured. You may need to check settings at the server or your router.

Overall, you need to see that this computer is joined to the domain, or in the same workgroup, or that peer networking is set up - whichever method you are using.

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i concur...

by will_smith In reply to How do I enable ICMP to a ...

to me it still seems to be a windows 7 firewall issue, but just in case:
verify ip address matches your network:
start/search/cmd/ command prompt opens: type ipconfig -all
if its in your network range, then please try to ping your gateway
[example: ping ]

if you can ping your gateway, and it matches your ip scheme for your other nodes, then we are past the layers 1-3 on the OSI model, next up is transport to application
you either have the internal firewall (win7 firewall) or an antivirus firewall (trendmicro, mcaffee, symantec) that has disbled anyone from pinging your machine.

btw, i am not seeing why the xp machine needs to be up to date to just ping... sorry, just curious as to know why.

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