How do i extend a RAID5 dynamic server on a HP Windows 2003 server?

By yteebison ·
We have a server which has the following configuration:

36GB C Drive - which consists of a mirrored pair 2*36GB disks E 500GB E Drive - This is made up of 5 140GB Disks. (it also had a 6th disk for a hot spare)

We were running out of space for our data on drive E so what we have done so far is remove the hot spare using HP's ACU software.
We then added the 6th disk (the old hot spare to the Raid5 configuration which made up drive E.
This now shows in the ACU as 5 * 140Gb under 1 logical partition and 1 140Gb free unused space.
How do we add this 140Gb of space to the E drive drive.
In effect what we want to do is extend our 140GB onto our E drive.
Additional NOTE - The current E drive is Dynamic....Don't know if this will make a difference.

Thanks to all who take time to respond to my post for assistance

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this may help

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you may want to ensure that all firmware for server and array controller are uptodate.
- also you are using the latest array configurations utilities.then when you boot up you will see a hotkey to enter the array configuration uitlity (F8, F9 may vary)
go to Array configurations utility; and expand array (IE : A:) to include that drive.
the expansion will take about some time. (a few hours)
once the expansion is complete, then you need to add that unused space under the array (ie A) logical drive one to the logical drive.

once you are done at the hardware level and HP Array config utilities said is done; then and only then you can go to disk management and you will see that available space at end of drive it would say unallocated.

Next the software part; you will have to use 3rd party partioning software; Easus partion mananger and use it to the extend that partion to be included on partion e: on disk x.

Then you can use this tutorial as well

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