How do I extend the partition C

By johnloo316 ·
I have a 80GB partition as my C Drive and 380GB as D Drive. I realize now I need a bigger C Drive and want to use the whole Hard Disk as C Drive. How can I do it without re-installing Windows XP Professional and all the programs in C Drive?

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Two approaches

by robo_dev In reply to How do I extend the parti ...

Since your 80gig drive is probably older and therefore closer to the end of it's life, the best bet would be to use a tool like Clonezilla, Ghost, or Acronis to re-create your working XP environment on your 380GB drive, and remove the 80Gig, put it into a drive case and use for backup.

However, Windows XP DOES support spanning a logical partition across multiple physical volumes:

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk
Management. Right click on the existing system drive > Convert to
Dynamic Disk.

In Disk Management open the Extend Volume Wizard and add the new drive
(or part of it) to the old system drive that you just converted to a
dynamic disk.

NOTE: Once you create a spanned volume, there's no going back! You can't
just remove space from it at a later time. You can only add space.

Note: do a backup before doing any of this.

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This is only 1 physical drive with 2 partitions correct?

by markp24 In reply to How do I extend the parti ...


if this is 2 physical 500 gb hard drive with an 80 and 380 gb partition, then use one of these freeware utilities to extend your drive (Alway backup your system prior to doing this, use any utility mentioned in the prior post, or i found Drive imagexml, tobackup and Macrium reflect all good free tools to image your two drives)
to merge them together Symantic Partition magic is great (but its a discontinued product). you can use here are some freeware ones

those can do partition merges.
i hope that helps you.

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Reponse To Answer

by johnloo316 In reply to This is only 1 physical d ...

thanks... sorry for lack of details. I do have a 500GB Hard Drive. And yes I need to know how to merge these 2 partitions so that I have a bigger system drive, i.e., C: drive.
I think I will go with EASEUS.

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