how do i extent

By naren.qt ·
how do i extent network cable??? i want share internet with my neighbor ..i bought a 30m cat5 cable...thn i realized length isnt enough ..thn i bought a 10m cable and that computer shoper gave me one small socket to connect cables...i extented line with the socket but its not working ....when i checked the line with a laptop before extending cable its working ......

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Is this cable

by cmiller5400 In reply to how do i extent

Is this cable plugging into a switch/hub/router, then run over to his computer or is it plugged into his switch/hub/router? If plugged into another switch/hub/router, you need a crossover cable not a regular cable. There are adapters that you can buy to do this. Also, there is a limit on how long the cable can be (100m), but you only have 40m of cable so you should be okay.

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router 2 computer

by naren.qt In reply to Is this cable

im connecting from my neighbors router to my computer

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re Extending cables

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to how do i extent

If you check the connection with the laptop plugged into the 30m cable and it works, then you add the "socket" to extend and it does not work, the problem is either in the socket or the 10m cable.

Take the laptop over to the neighbor's house and test it with the 10m cable. If that works, your problem is with the "socket". If it does not work, you know the problem is in the 10m cable.

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thank u

by naren.qt In reply to re Extending cables

thank u..... gud reply

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Hang on. Is this legal according to your ISP's terms of service?

by ManiacMan In reply to how do i extent

What you may be doing is prohibited according to your ISP.

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