How do I filter unwanted adult and gambling content with dlink 524 router?

By anna ·
Filtering can be done with blocking of URL or Domain
I don't know the url's ahead of time

They don't all start with x

I don't know the domains...
so is there a way to do this thru that router?

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Not without some major cash

by Fregeus In reply to How do I filter unwanted ...

if you know the domain in advance, you can block it. If you don't and you still want to block it, then you need a system that does that for you. Systems like WebPatrol and the like. The problem is that those system cost thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

I am not aware of the service being offered for residential customer. The market is just not profitable enough for that.

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by krayzplaya In reply to How do I filter unwanted ...

hmmmmm. i know they have programs like net nanny or something like that but i personally have never messed with them i do know that firefox has an add on called adblock if u google it u should be able to find and install with no problems and then u can block xxx adds and all that stuff but u have to come across them first and then set it up to block each and every ad it is kinda of tedious unless ur frequentin one site that has stuff like that then it will take maybe 5 minutes to make that page add free

hope this helps


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Endian Firewall

by pc21geek In reply to How do I filter unwanted ...

Get an old P3 with a decent hard drive and 1 gig of ram, and two nics.
Load Endian firewall on it. Its free and Linux based. You can set what you want to filter. all it will take is a little time to set it up.



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by anna In reply to Endian Firewall

Will this Endian Firewall software allow me to input a text file of thousands of urls to blacklist?

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Endian Firewall

by BrandonBain In reply to Endian Firewall

Thank you for the endorsement. We are coming out with v2.3 in 3-4 weeks and releasing an incredible amount of the Enterprise feature stack with the community version. Enhanced QoS, Group-Based content filtering, Dashboard, SophosAV, Commtouch (spam), and much more.

We are in the late stages of beta testing and have had nothing but positive feedback. We look forward to all of you giving it a look!

Brandon Bain
Director, Business Development
Endian U.S.

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