How do I find out what a program accesses

By lplpaca ·
I am a technical Support analyst at a shipping
company, we run users on their pc's in a user
level rather than local admin level. Most of
the programs we use require some tweaking of
permissions on files / folders, registry
settings to allow them to run properly on a
user login.

However, I have a request from one department
who want to use "BAPLIE Viewer", there is very
little about this program on the internet that
I can find, I have done the usual tweaks, and
even used runasspc, but this program will not
fully function under a user login, so my
question is ...

How do I find out what resource(s) this program
accesses that I have not tweaked, it runs fine
under an admin login so have used processex and
autoruns to see what it is using but to no
avail, please help with any ideas / thoughts

thanks in advance

Paul C

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you've got the sysinternals

by Dr Dij In reply to How do I find out what a ...


bought by microsoft now
you can start these progs
they save a log of low level system events to a file, you can turn logging on or off and just run it, no nee dto install.
think it now resolves to m$ address

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InControl is pretty nice

by IC-IT In reply to How do I find out what a ...

Use a clean machine, install InControl, run the program to get a current state log.
Have InControl running and install the program.
It will compare the before and after then generate a report of all the changes.
Give permissions where needed.,2704,25198,00.asp

Edited to add link to Tiny Watcher (free), InCtrol is cool but some may not want to pay the $8.

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thanks guys

by lplpaca In reply to How do I find out what a ...

I already got sysinternals, hence the autoruns and processex - these did tell me a lot of what the program accessed but there is something else that is stopping the user login from running it. I am beginning to think it is a registry permission that is not showing up somewhere.

I will try the others, free one first, then guess I will pay if I have to -

Thanks for the replies.

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