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How do i fit after doing MBA (MIS)

By kashif ·
Refer to your answer regarding my subject matter, & in response to ur answer i would like to metion that i have a degree of executive MBA in (MIS) and already working for a multinational firm but on secretarial post,i want to fit in or join OI/IT department.and my goal is to make communication system smooth in organization which is very much cost effective, i hope this clarifies ur question

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How do i fit after doing MBA (MIS)

by carollong In reply to How do i fit after doing ...

This sounds like you have done an MBA based on theory not experience. You have to get the experience before you can look at using the qualification as a stepping stone. MBA (MIS) alone won't make you CTO or CIO - you need to be an IT professional too.
If you have an idea for a project to improve the communication system, talk it through with the IT manager in charge of that area. In talking, don't expect to arrive with answers but go and find out if they have thought of your idea and have the intention of learning from them. If you contribute ideas and are open to learn from the people who actually know about it (because they do it)
You say it is a multinational but not the organisation size. That may dictate what opportunities you have. Ask for a secondment or project to use your knowledge of the business inside IT while gaining experience of what IT is really like. You may have to accept a temporary post below your current level to do this - so make sure it is a project youwill really learn from. Use each post you have to gain skills, knowledge and a position to get where you want to be. A career is like climbing a mountain: some times you have to climb down a little, move across a ridge and come at the summit from adifferent angle. Sometimes directions start with, "well, you don't want to start from here...".

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