How do I fix a chrome book that one's and pdf's itself

By Prince Jerome ·
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I have an Aser chrome that one's itself and off's itself anytime it wants
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Do you mean this is turning off randomly?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I fix a chrome boo ...

The most common thing that causes that is it is Overheating or the Temps are set to low in the BIOS.

NB's overheating can often be traced back to what they are sitting on blocking the Air Intake for the Cooling ducts or worse still they have been sucking in dust and other crud for ages and have blocked the heatsinks which allows them to overheat. The number of NB's I've had to pull apart and remove what is effectively fealt from the Heatsinks is way more that I can count these days.

All NB's should have a Cool Pad under them to stop them getting filled with gunk and blocking the cooling areas.

Hope that is some help.

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