How do I fix a network drive mapping issue?

By IronHead80 ·
A few weeks ago we had to reformat our primary Windows 2003 data server. This server was primarily used for housing company data along with being the primary host for DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, etc... We had setup several shared network drives for use by various departments, individuals and a public drive for all with in the company to access. The issue we have now is that after re-installing Windows and restoring all the info from the back up tapes, we are finding issues here and there with some people being able to access the public drive that I just mentioned. Not everyone is affected however, what is happening is I was able to get most everyone re-mapped to all their drives including the public drive. Whats going on now is that if say someone decides they need to access the public drive from the conference room PC for a presentation or what not, I map it and get an access denied message, knowing that a few minutes ago they were at their PC in their office and was accessing it with no problems. As I said this has been happening like this when someone tries to access from another computer and not the one in their office. The permissions from the best we can tell hasn't changed at all everything that was on the back up tape was restored properly. As strange as this sounds could this be specific to machine and not user?

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Clear cached credentials on PC?

by robo_dev In reply to How do I fix a network dr ...

Maybe the PCs have cached credentials that are no longer valid, since the server changed.

To clear LOCAL cached credentials on a Windows-based computer do the following steps:

1. Open Command Prompt.
2. Type the command: rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr

Clear domain cached credentials:

Of course the sledgehammer approach would be to just re-create the user profile....

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Thanks but didn't work

by IronHead80 In reply to Clear cached credentials ...

I just checked to make sure that my supervisor didn't set cached credentials and she didn't. So back to square one. Thank you for the tip on cached credentials though, I'll have to print that out may come in handy down the road.

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So, as a test

by robo_dev In reply to Thanks but didn't work

If you create a new profile, does it work properly?

Somehow I am thinking it's related to authentication credentials being stored/cached somewhere, as perhaps the SID of the new server may not be the same as the old server.

I would look very closely at the group policy settings, in case something there has changed....

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Security and Inheritance

by rjluvkc In reply to How do I fix a network dr ...

What about inheritance on those directories/sub directories, maybe that has changed somehow? Is it possible that the inheritance on your server was changed over the course of time before you had to reinstall, and now they are defaulted?

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Reply to robo and rj

by IronHead80 In reply to How do I fix a network dr ...

My supervisor an I are looking over the suggestion and going over permissions and security settings now. I will post what the out come is as soon as we find or don't find something. Thanks again robo and rj for the help.

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try this

by SystemCheck In reply to How do I fix a network dr ...

we had same prob in the active directory for the individual user profile under the login script create a script for remapping drive everytime they log in.

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Chnage of direction

by IronHead80 In reply to How do I fix a network dr ...

I have discovered something totally different happening. I am able to get to the networked drive by browsing to it through explorer and hitting it from there. I can not how ever go to my computer and pull up the shared drive that way. My super informed me that she has seen this and it has been going on for a while around here, she hasn't attempted to fix it yet due to the work load around here and the quick work around of just browsing to it. So for now I think everything's good and I appreciate everyone's help. If you have seen this issue as i mentioned and know of a way to solve it let me know.

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by NexS In reply to Chnage of direction

Check the permissions to the location for such users as 'system'...

Just an idea.

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