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How do I fix graphics resolution?

By lynxspyder ·
I changed my desktop resolution to a setting my monitor did not like. Now I have a kaleidoscope of colors and can't see anything. How can I fix this? I read that I could boot Windows XP into safe mode by tapping F8, but when I do that, all I get is a list of drives to boot. I don't see a safe mode option when I tap F8.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do I fix graphics res ...

To get into Safe Mode you need to press the F8 key after the system has run through the POST sequence but before it starts to load Windows.

If you have a Logo on the Screen when it initially boots go into BIOS and turn it off and then save changes & exit on the reboot after the Memory Test has been completed press & hold down the F8 key until you hear a constant beep from the internal speaker then you can release the F8 key and wait for the system to go to the Start Up Menu.

However if you didn't OK the changes you should have had the system drop back to the previous settings after a few seconds and I don't think that making any screen resolution changes in Safe Mode will cure your problem as the Video Drivers are not loaded when you are running in Safe Mode you are running on the default Video Drivers and any changes that you make there will not be reflected when running in Normal Mode.

If you are unable to read anything on the monitor your best bet is to do an In Place Install by following the directions here

But you'll need access to the Restore/OEM Windows CD or the Hidden Partition which holds the install program depending on who made the system. It will also require every Hot Patch and Service Pack that has been released since your copy of Windows was released to be reinstalled but it will not affect any already installed programs or data.


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by wcp In reply to How do I fix graphics res ...

I offer you two solutions.

1. If your Windows is XP with SP2, boot to Enable VGA Mode from the Startup Menu after F8 and change the resolution.

2. Boot to Safe Mode and do System Restore

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by balogun535 In reply to How do I fix graphics res ...

my son was trying to be an engineer and bit more than he could chew, every other thing works well except my graphics,it now has klaidioscope of colours,hurting to the eyes and difficult to see anything.

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