How do i fix Hp Dv6000 Screen that comes on then goes real dim in a flash

By bencomputer ·
I have a hp dv6000 for a little over two years now, up untill couple of months back i started experiencing problems with the screen, when i turn it on it comes on then the screen goes real dim but when i plugged in the AC plug it came on but now it does not do it either way....Help! please

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here is a good link

by ---TK--- In reply to How do i fix Hp Dv6000 Sc ...

Sounds like a backlight issue... it is a DYI, and you might not want to do it if you don't have experience with taking apart laptops. But it is a good read

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Might be a good idea to check with HP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do i fix Hp Dv6000 Sc ...

If your NB is covered by their Limited Warranty Service Encasement you can check here

If it is follow the steps outlined in the article.

If it isn't look at the above post.


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had the same problem with a dv6010us

by aiellenon In reply to How do i fix Hp Dv6000 Sc ...

it is a bad LCD converter, a little chip in a long plastic tube that sits at the bottom of the screen behind the plastic frame on the lcd screen. I bought one off ebay for $15-$20 about 2-3 years ago, took a screw driver, one of those plastic tools for disassembling a cell phone/ipod/zune (looks like a flat head screw driver with the tip bent 70 degrees to the side), and about 25 minutes to fix. I only had to do it 1 time in 6 years of using the laptop. HP wanted to charge me $150 to LOOK at the laptop, then guessed it would need a screen replacement which they wanted $650 to do. I fixed it with less than $20 in parts, 25 mins and about $8 in tools. HP's website has detailed dis-assembly instructions for this model in their support pages. You can google to find it.

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by bencomputer In reply to How do i fix Hp Dv6000 Sc ...

that was helpful guys appreciate it...

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