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    How do I fix my computer kept crashing with random BSOD?

    by hickorya ·


    Whenever I’m playing games it always crashes with random BSOD. They’re different everytime. I tried switching the rams, didn’t work either. I am not sure if it is my graphics card problem or not.

    My pc specs:
    AMD Radeon R7 370 4GB GDDR5 OC EDITION
    Intel Xeon E3 1226 V3 @3.3GHz
    2x4GB RAM DDR3 1600MHZ
    500GB HDD
    Windows 10 Pro

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      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to How do I fix my computer kept crashing with random BSOD?

      As my fellow mods often point out, try running a Speccy report and post the results on this site. Here is the product link : This is a great tool that helps determine which component of your computer may or are failing for whatever reason. This is a free program and doesn’t’ run in the background without your request. I hope this helps.

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        BSOD Issues and RAM issues.

        by hickorya ·

        In reply to Suggestion

        Alright I will reply to this message if anything fixes. Also, I have some other issues. I tried to fix the BSOD problem by changing the ram to a different ram with the same amount of speed but with different brand. My pc became really slow than it used to be, so I tried switching them back together and nothing works. How do I fix this?

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          Given the details.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to BSOD Issues and RAM issues.

          It appears you now have a dead PC so go over what you did and try just one stick of RAM.

          Please in the future follow instructions as no one here asked for changing parts. Only information to get a good view of how things are now.

          Try putting it back to how it worked with the slow ram. Remember this is an OLD PC so it’s not uncommon for them to break as techs work on them. Fixing often is too costly.

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          by hickorya ·

          In reply to Given the details.

          Thank you, actually I have two of the same with the same specs. The other one works just fine without crashing. I manage to fix the slow issues. I’ll probably change the GPU

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        How do I fix my computer kept crashing with random BSOD?

        by gurusattaking ·

        In reply to Suggestion


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      I’d like to see the Web Speccy report.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to How do I fix my computer kept crashing with random BSOD?

      But you mention it may be the graphics card. You can test that by using the Intel graphics and no video card. So there is a way but as you suspect it’s not a great test since the PC could have power or motherboard issues.

      The components look to be about 6 years old so you could be seeing age issues. At the very least you would share the Web Speccy report and in the meantime be sure the case, heatsinks are clean with all fans working like NEW! Then a good thing to do is replace heatsink compound on CPU, GPU and chipset heatsinks then another fan check. Our criteria for fans at the shop is simple. They must work like new. No reason to accept anything else.

      The WEB SPECCY REPORT can sometimes find things such as fan speed, dodgy drives and more but there is work that I feel must be done on machines this old.

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      by jakepaul4543 ·

      In reply to How do I fix my computer kept crashing with random BSOD?

      -Update Graphics Card, Chipset and Other Important Drivers
      When the Graphic card or chipset drivers are not working properly in Windows 10, 8 or 7 computers, you’ll probably get a blue screen error. And the best way is to upgrade all important drivers including the graphics, chipset, firmware, etc., on your PC:

      Step 1: Go to Control Panel, click “System and Security”.

      Step 2: Under System, click “Device Manager”, find and double-click on the device name of the hardware – Graphics card, the chipset of your computer or even hard drive in the list of hardware categories.

      Step 3: Go to the “Driver” tab, then click “Update Driver”.

      Update drivers to remove blue screen error.

      Step 4: Select “Search automatically for updated driver software” to let Windows search and update the latest driver of your selected device automatically.

      Repeat the process several times and when all the drivers have been updated, restart your computer to see if this error has been removed.

      Method 2. Run a Clean Boot in Windows
      The reason why we recommend you to run a clean boot in Windows first is that clean boot will be able to help you determine whether a background program or game is interfering with your computer performance.

      Step 1: Click Start and type: msconfig, select “System Configuration”.

      Step 2: On the Services tab, select “Hide all Microsoft services” box and click “Disable all”.

      Fix Blue Screen error by clean boot.

      Step 3: On the Startup tab, click “Open Task Manager”.

      Step 4: on the Startup tab in Task Manager, select the items and click “Disable”.

      Step 5: Close the Task Manager, click “OK” on the Startup tab of System Configuration, then restart the computer.

      Step 6: When the computer restarts, check if the blue screen error continues. Then run your game to see if the same error happens again.

      I hope this resolves the issue that you are facing.

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        by proffitt ·

        In reply to suggestion

        “Step 3: Go to the “Driver” tab, then click “Update Driver”.”

        I see a lot of PCs that will go down hard if you do that. Please avoid advising using the Microsoft Update Driver method for everyone. It’s bad advice for many. The real MVPs tell us to get the drivers from the maker and if there is a fix found this way, disable Microsoft’s Update Driver feature.

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