How do i fix my internet?

By www.shenellemclean ·
It is so hard i Know i should Know how to do this but i cant for some reason.

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by Pringles86 In reply to How do i fix my internet?

Can you provide some details please?

Was it ever working? What OS are you using? What happened right before it stopped working, installed new software, went to a certain website...?? Are there any error messages?

Please add any details you can

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Plug the ethernet cable into your NIC

by Absolutely In reply to How do i fix my internet?

That's "network interface card". Now, it works.

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The "internet" is not yours in the first place

by Why Me Worry? In reply to How do i fix my internet?

It is a distributed network and no one single entity owns it, so what did you do to break what does not belong to you? :)

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i love it when ppl say it's my internet

by Triathlete1981 In reply to How do i fix my internet?

when i have to fix access at work, i get a kick everytime out of hearing someone say, what happened to my internet?

Thank you for all those people who are allowing us peons to be graced by the awesome utility of your internet. i understand it's not my internet. it's yours and you're just allowing us to use it from time to time.

yes, i know it is so hard and i know you should know how to do this but you can't for some reason.

but would you like to enlighten us about how it went down? was your internet ACCESS ever up? refer to the first person's reply about giving specific details. it's a technical field, and we need technical details to give an answer

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