How do I fix smudged/spotty copies on my Xerox 5687?

By SilasMontgommeri ·
Hey guys,
Long time subscriber but first time having to post a question. Maybe you guys can help us out?

I work at a law office in Fort Worth TX with about 300 employees. We have a Xerox 5687 that has been printing spotty and smudged lately.

The problem first began after we had to refill the the toner cartridge with old toner from another Xerox machine. (Xerox has been really lazy when it comes to giving us toner.) It worked well for the rest of the day but the following morning it started to copy, copies covered in toner. The entire page would be gray.

So we swapped it out with a half full unhampered with xerox cartridge and ran about 1,200 copies. It started to clear up but we decided to take it out of commission until we had new toner. We finally got it in but even when we put the new toner in and ran about 350 copies its still coming out spotted and smeared like there is extra toner.

We've already tried cleaning the glass...any ideas?

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sounds like the drum is dirty

by markp24 In reply to How do I fix smudged/spot ...


Did you lean out the exxtoner tray/cup , also check the drum and see if theres any toner on that or any of the rollers, (Dont touch the drum it self, and it is somewhat light sensitive, may be hot too so make sure the unit is powered down for a while.)

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