How do I fix the add a printer wizard so it sees my printer?

By cependell ·
Hello everyone! I have an old pc that my boss updated to windows 7 a while back. At first it did everything fine (a bit slowly however!), but now it's stopped seeing the printer. It will not print either from word or ie. The other computers on the network all continue to print just fine, and I can sill access their files on the network as well. When I click on the add a printer wizard and then from a network it just freezes. Then I have to control-alt-delete to get it to go away, because it never does anything else. I can't click on the my computer isn't here button because it's frozen. I've stoped and stared the spooler, deleted the drivers incase there was a bad file, and gotten rid of all pending jobs. Please help if you can think of anything else I can try!

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by cependell In reply to How do I fix the add a pr ...

Also, the printer is a RICHO 3035 and it is stand alone, not hooked up to any other computer.

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Try creating a new user profile

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I fix the add a pr ...

And see if it works now, you could have a corrupt User Profile here.

So how is this printer connected?

Have you looked in Device Management to see if the Interface for the Printer is actually present?

USB Drivers/devices and old hardware with 7 can be really flaky.


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Reponse To Answer

by cependell In reply to Try creating a new user p ...

Creating a new user profile didn't seem to help. I looked in the device manager and didn't see an option for the printer... Where/ how would I fix this? I'm really not that computer savvy, just the most at this job.

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Print Server? Or Shared?

by adminmichael In reply to How do I fix the add a pr ...

Is the printer setup though a print server or another computer because if it is you can go \\computername from the run command and double click on the shared printer and it should conntect you right up if you have the correct drivers.

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Reponse To Answer

by cependell In reply to Print Server? Or Shared?

It's not set up through another computer. I'm trying to download the driver again, but it seems the problem is more that the computer won't look for printers?

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It's working!

by cependell In reply to How do I fix the add a pr ...

When I went into device manager and clicked add legacy whatever and just kept clicking stuff somehow it magically works. Not quite sure how/why, but thank you guys for answering!

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