How do I force excel cells to contain a decimal point zero value?

By Mike@work ·
I am concatenating a series of strings (the majority of which have a decimal value greater than zero), but those where the string (the result of an equation elsewhere) results in an exact .zero answer do not contain the decimal point and following zero, which is spoiling the concatenation. I have tried precision as displayed, converting to value and even multiplying by 1.0001 to try to force the point zero but with no luck. I am unable to use the if function (because I would be looking for a definite point zero - which isnt there. any ideas?

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What are you trying to do?

by TobiF In reply to How do I force excel cell ...

Can you give an example?

You can play with mathematical formulas, string operations, formatting and conversion formulas.

Or, maybe your best solution lies within formatting of numbers.

Mathematical approaches: trunc, int, ceiling, floor, round
Conversion: text
string: &, mid, left, right, search, find

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Sorted it myself

by Mike@work In reply to How do I force excel cell ...

The fixed function seems to achieve the required result. Bonus! created a new column and "fixed" the previous results... now have decimal points even where the value is a zero

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