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how do i format??

By cul8rm8e ·
i would be grateful if someone could give me instructions how to format my HD im running win2000 pro, file system (FAT) and no partitions, i have tried using bootdisk (4) and installing over the original os but my cd-rom cant read the disk as it is asking for the windows 2000 professional cd which i have already got inserted, keeping in mind when i open the disk from windows itself i can view all folders on the disk, i have tried to install from bootup with the same thing happening, (error:olease insert disk volume label windows 2000 profesional) also i would like to say that i upgraded my win98 os using this same disk but i had to extract all win 2000 pro files to desktop first and setup from there,i have already tried the same while i have win 2000 installed assuming i can delete the folder when i have installed it again, i know it sounds a bit mad but if i can format my HD i will install win98 again and install win2000 on another partition, any hints on that would also be grateful,

put me out of my misery! please! help.

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Help for you...

by gmiller In reply to how do i format??

One thing that NT and Win2K is good at is remembering where you installed from and almost requiring any additional os install session take place from the same location. You should be able to choose an alternate location and specifically type in the full path to the folder it is looking for. Side note... If the disk is not truely the same, you could have distribution version issues. Win2K wants to see files with a specific time/date stamp. If a newer release was used and your disk is an earlier release (or vice-versa) it will not work. Just as a hint, you will also have the same issue with Office2K in that you can not install standard and then use a professional or premium disk to add features. You must use the same revision and version.Do not know if this helps but good info none the less...

Good Luck,

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one word NFST file

by astrocat123 In reply to how do i format??

you nedd to uncomperss your disk and get rid of the Fat 32 file sysytem and convert it to NFST file system that is what windows 2000 uses. use Fdiusk from your windows 98 start up disk to write a o to the hard drive that way you will be starting from a new hard drive ten use your 4 boot disk from win 2000 to let it formatt in the NFST file sysytem hopt this helps

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by shuja52 In reply to one word NFST file

What do u mean by NFST, it may be NTFS. Ps check. Further the disk is not compressed as per the problem. The Windows 2000 by default uses FAT32. So there must be no problem. Ya as far as security is concerned the NTFS partition is the best. But for new user it is quite difficult to revert back to FAT.

Still there are options.. which I have already posted in the discussion

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Format and Partition

by shuja52 In reply to how do i format??

The W2000 is an Upgrade on WINNT and not WIN98, therefor it is wise to install W2000 with win98 as dual booting. Or install fresh W2000. I suggest you to first partition the HDD using Disk Manager, Format it all over again and first install DOS 6.2xx version. After this find the I386 directory on ur W2000 CD and install using WINNT.EXE file i.e. write WINNT on your command prompt rest u will be guided by ur install procees itself

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HDD Foramat

by shuja52 In reply to how do i format??

Hello, Whether you have tried as I told you or not.. You have not responded pos or neg. If you have WIN98 start up disk you can acccess the HDD. Or try DOS 6.22 Setup disk.

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Simple Solution

by allysonne In reply to how do i format??

Boot PC in question - while booting watch to see if FAT32. If so, life is grande, create a StartUp Disk.

1. Insert blank floppy into pc.
2. Click Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add/Remove Programs.
3. Click Create Disk on the StartUp Disk tab.
after it is done, test it by re-booting with floppy in the a drive.
you may need to have copies of the cd-rom drivers on this startup disk. during the test, see if the cd-rom drivers load. if not copy drivers to the floppy start up disk.
Boot withCD-rom support, makes life easier.

Once you get to this point, just type:
then type:
format C:
answer y to format and n to quit, etc. you should be home free...

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