How do I get a game installed in Windows XP Mode.

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I have a Lenovo desktop computer with Windows 7 Pro installed. My customer (an autistic young man) wants a couple of Carmen Sandiego games installed. These old games are for Windows 3.1 or Win 95 so I decided to install them in Windows XP Mode. I have downloaded and installed (apparently successfully) Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode. When I execute the Setup file from the Carmen Sandiego CD, a DOS window briefly pops up and then disappears and nothing else. I have tried all the compatibility modes with the same result. I copied all the files on the CD to a directory on the Win 7 C drive and tried to execute the Setup file from there using the default location on the Virtual PC C drive. The setup file does execute but during installation I get: "File transfer error. The installer was unable to transfer files from 'etup\archive\ to C:\Program files\Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego v3.0'." and the install process terminates. Notice that the path should be "setup\archive\ instead of "etup\archive\ (I have no ideal what that is about). I have tried copying the files from the CD to a directory on the Virtual PC C drive and executing the setup file from there with exactly the same result. Where do I go from here?

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by EVGA In reply to Clarifications 1398716865

Are you executing the files inside windows XP?

Buy it again at amazon it states the download version supports windows 7

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Not sure if you will be successful in this endeavor or not...

those old games were written when a fast processor was a Pentium 75, and 8 megs of RAM
was above average! You might try one of those "fake CD" applications that simulate a CD
drive, copy the installer files to that drive and install from there. The timings of those older
games may be such that they will error out faster than you can double click to launch them.
The other option would be to find an old antique PC and install the games on it.
In years gone by, I used a program named SlowDown to slow my Pentium 166 down to a
386 SX to run some old games and applications, but success was hit or miss. Other
errors encountered are the runtime 200 errors in Turbo Pascal programs, where CPUs of
even Pentium class were just too fast, and required patching the executables to get
them to even start up without erroring out.

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Your could try this

by markp24 In reply to How do I get a game insta ...


download Virtual box to VMware workstation, Create a Windows 98SE virtual Machine. and run the games in there.
I have done this for a few older games (Wolfenstien 3d, Duke nuke em, LHX attack chopper, F117 and other games from the early 90's

Hope that helps

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