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How Do I Get In The Door?

By Pawel ·
Hi?.I'm a 24 year old 2nd year grad school student with about a semester worth of classes left before graduation. Credentials? MCSE (2000 track), CCNA, CWNA, Sec+, Net+, A+. Education wise, AS in Computer Network Administration, BS in IT, and a MS in Computer Info. Systems (well once the semester is over). I'm real thin when to comes to the "on the job experience" in the industry. Although I have several years worth of lab experience under my belt. After reading some of these postings and talking to a number of people that work in the filed it seems like things are looking pretty bleak out there for folks who are trying to get into the field. I have invested so much time and resources in my education and it just doesn't seem like its good enough to land a legit job. So what's my next move? Internship? Is that a credible way of building experience in the industry?

Thanks guys

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Worked for me

by ND_IT In reply to How Do I Get In The Door?

The internships I had while attending school worked for me and weighed more into my present position as a Systems Admin. You have quite a bit of paper behind your name, but not alot of experience, which is going to be hard to find a Systems or Network administrator, or Analyst job, since most of them want at least 3-5 years experience. I would suggest finding an internship or some other entry level position, volunteer, or even I heard non-profits are good for gaining on the job experience. Good luck!

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that sounds good,

by jfipande In reply to Worked for me

i like the idea of internships and the others that followed, but am not entirely clued in what it is or how to get into it. could anyone offer some advice as to what it is and how to get into these areas.

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by ND_IT In reply to that sounds good,

Most colleges should have some kind of career center where they can assist you in finding and internship or even a job after graduation. This is how I otained the 3 internships I had (the one turned into a fulltime position). You might to just talk to people and see if there is a position available. Just because jobs aren't posted, doesn't mean they don't exist. You have to advertise yourself, alot of websites have places where you can post your resume. Good Luck!

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Internships / Online Resumes

by FlipMarc In reply to Info

Internship is how I landed my first (& current) full-time job. I was on my last semester in college, and realized I don?t have any job experience in my field. I got advice from a fellow student to go to the Guidance Office and apply for internships. All I had to do was give them my resume and a contact number, and they did the rest. They setup all the interviews for me, and all I had to do was go.

I landed an internship in a local/gov?t remote office. I guess my boss liked what I did (setup their first network) even though I?ve never done it before. It was my ?on the job self training?. Never say, ?I don?t know?. They hired me as a full time IT guy for the whole office right after I graduated.

About online resume posting, I have accounts with,,, and for a few years now. I have never received any response from the employers that used those sites or from any of the jobs I applied for in the job listings. From my experience, it does not work.

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Changing Career Paths

by Gannman In reply to that sounds good,

How about this scenerio. I am currently a B.s. Degree holder working as a transit planner and Geographic Information Systems and have been in this capacity for 6 years (4 at current job, 2 at previous job). I am "feeling adventurous" and have gone back to school to get knowledge in Network Management, Linux, and Java programming. How do I make a career change without breaking the budget (I'm married and am a homeowner)? I currently make about 47K/year.

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Think about it again

by cfa532 In reply to Changing Career Paths

I am 34yrs old and have 10 years of IT experience. I cannot wait to jump into another career path now. Whatever it is, it won't be IT. If you are looking at money, you are not promised to make more than 47k, at least at the beginning.

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Crying or Buying

by tomasomaguire In reply to Changing Career Paths

Desire or Abstinence? Maybe your problem is spiritual. You should start with SVT. Silicon Valley Tarot. Basically it is like Game Theory.
are you risk averse,or cowardly in any way?
are you uncertain in an uncertain world?
are you impressed by degrees & titles?
If you answer yes to any of these questions then you belong in IT! Or maybe if you answered yes to some and not to all? I think? You can probably have it all for about $199.00
But You Must Act Now! Dont' wait there are only 200k persons recently entering the UE lines ahead of you. Don't let the fact that you have a secure job, a wonderful future, a lovely family hold you back! Go For IT!

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by The Admiral In reply to Crying or Buying

No matter how far you go down the wrong road, turn back.

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by The Admiral In reply to Changing Career Paths

Get online and go to and fill out a FASFA at FASFA.GOV

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Get a Security Clearance

by mkline718 In reply to Worked for me

You are 24 and young so one approach would be to join the military full time or even the reserves and get a security clearance. Top secret is best but secret is ok too. You will not only get to serve your country but you will have the golden ticket. In the DC area and even other areas now a clearance is so important. I joined the military at 18 not knowing much and by chance I received a clearance because of my MOS(Army term for job).

It has been the single most important thing for me. I agree with the other posters. My internships were important, College was important, getting my NT & W2K MCSE was important. The clearance beat all of them.


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