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How do I get into the IT field while studying for CCNA

By Seldom Seen ·
I have been in the IT field for about 5 years, but directly or completely IT. I mean I have had, Project management, Sarbanes-Oxley(SOX), and analyst roles but nothing directly IT. I know with Y2K the market was saturated with IT guys, but am I wasting my time. How do I break into an IT position prior to getting my CCNA which I am school now to get. I live in California and by the time I get my CCNA I may be on the verge of starving. PLEASE are there any IT managers or IT people that can help?

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erm ..

by ocren In reply to How do I get into the IT ...

I would like to know the answer too ...

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What kind of position?

by gralfus In reply to How do I get into the IT ...

IT is a rather large field, so you will need to aim at something specific to land a job. Just having a CCNA will not get a you a network admin job. Most net admins I have met didn't even bother with the cert. I have multiple certs (including CCNA) and 3 IT degrees, and all I could find without moving was a help desk position (something I did 15 years ago before any training or certs).

I'm now considering moving to a metropolis that supports a lot more IT variety, so I can pursue computer forensics. But I am looking at more certs and training in that specific field just to be taken seriously.

Getting into IT is a combination of luck or timing, experience, training, and being able to sell your abilities to someone who matters.

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would like to know more about ...

by ocren In reply to What kind of position?

Any suggestion for getting job into network administrator or network engineer? I'm a fresh person in IT field and now i have a 2 and a half months training in a company.

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Be able to detail experience

by gralfus In reply to would like to know more a ...

Each company or gov't unit looking for such people wants to know what real world skills you have, and the time you have actually doing the job. This is what has limited me, since I only have school and the routers/PBX/etc we used there. I have the skills to use the equipment, but actually getting into a job to use the skills is difficult. Even Jr. positions are snatched up by out of work sysadmins with years of experience. It is frustrating trying to get a real job that pays a living wage. My own organization seems to be content with the guys they have and not interested in training me as a backup, but I will keep pushing since it is my best option locally.

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