How do I get latest browsers to work with older OS

By soffpro ·
i choose NOT to update my mac system from 10.6.8 as i see later versions as inferior or more tech dependent. also i do not know if some programs i use are compatible and do not want the hassle of having to reinstall update etc.

but many browsers are becoming unsupported. is there no program that will work on older OS that can act as a facilitator for updated browsers? if not someone should invent one. any other options available? thanks in advance.

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In this case, you may need to do a bit of searching,

I don't know what open source browsers are available for Mac 10.6.8, don't use MacOS myself, but for WinXP, Vista etc. there are independent developers that use open source codes of Mozilla, chromium and others to keep them somewhat usable on modern websites. Some projects such as Palemoon (a fork of Firefox) may already be developed for your version. I use a fork of Palemoon on my WinXP netbook, but I don't think the developer targets the MacOS, but another developer may have done work on the source
code. In Linux, I also use Palemoon in preference to Firefox, but that is a personal preferrence only. To me it seems PM is just "snappier" than FF.

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thanks - possible option

by soffpro In reply to In this case, you may nee ...

Hi, thanks for the info on Palemoon, i will check it out. at present i've found the latest Citrio seems to work. except it doesn't like loading gmail. strange considering it uses a chrome platform.

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