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    How do I get my "Favorites" back?


    by stevenscottoddballz ·

    I had a virus get in my computer. I used the “System Restore” to back up to the last “Restore” point. BUT, the virus has hidden my Web “Favorites” and the photos on my computer. HOW do I get these revealed?

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      by stevenscottoddballz ·

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      Well first things first

      by oh smeg ·

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      System Restore doesn’t cure Infections at best it may sort of hide them slightly so that they return with a vengeance latter.

      You need to run a proper Infection Scanner and ideally without your OS running so some form of Rescue CD is required. I personally like F Secure but you need several as there is no Magic Bullet to do this type of thing.

      Here is a full article on Rescue Disc’s from TR

      If however you mean that you pressed a key when the BIOS Screen was up and did a restore from a Recovery Partition or a Recovery Disc that isn’t a system restore it’s a reload which returns the system to As new Software with no Data at all. It destroys the Data as it reloads the system and makes it very expensive to get the data back.

      Generally speaking it requires a Full Forensic Recovery to be performed which destroys the HDD and costs a lot of money. I personally wouldn’t expect any change out of a Million Dollars if that is what is required plus the cost of a new HDD and whatever else is required so you can reload the system.

      I’ve only ever seen a Recovery like that done by Law Enforcement Types for Criminal Cases that will end before the courts but it does recover every bit of Data ever written tot he HDD as long as the Magnetic Covering on the Platters is still there. It’s not something that can be done by the guy down the street in 15 minutes.

      If you have reloaded your system you need to recover your Data from the Backup that you perform regularly so you don’t loose your Data. Remember that there are only 2 types of computer users those who have lost all of their data and those who will loose it at some point.

      When it has happened to you once you tend to take a lot of stamps to minimize the likelihood of it happening easily again.


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