how do i get my usb ports to work?

By ptsjr1 ·
I recently bought a compaq presario (used) and when I plug something into the usb ports the computer wont even power it up let alone read it. How do I fix this.

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Depends on what it is you are plugging in I suppose

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how do i get my usb ports ...

But have you looked in Device Manager to make sure that the USB Driver is installed?

That would be my starting point.


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Might be confusing with same Drive letter.

by phonethiri In reply to how do i get my usb ports ...

1) first check you have already installed necessary USB Driver for the thing you plug.

2) If you already installed necessary USB Driver, I think your plugged usb drive might have same drive letter with some installed drive ( eg. E: , F: ).

Please make sure you can see your device in Device Manager.

If you can, then change the drive letter (eg. to H:) in the Disk Management for your new device (for example. you might see as Removable Disk).


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by Graynett In reply to how do i get my usb ports ...

I had a similar problem when I installed more then 26 (or more) different Devices in the same USB port. From Cameras to printers and memory sticks I then tried to replace my web cam in the port Nothing! It was a permission thing in the registry easy to fix if you can find where the permission is required took a long time to track down the cause through knowing that was the fault, helped! {HKEY_Current _config\system\currentControl|setcontrol\Enum\USB\]} [ Some where there to give permissiom]

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boot with usb plugged in

by bob.wasson In reply to how do i get my usb ports ...

This is a long shot, but...
If your c: drive is encrypted it may not allow you to boot up while another potential OS drive is attached. If you can boot into windows with it plugged in, you should go to device manager and confirm that your usb ports are alive and well. I hope this helps-

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boot order problem..

by mireks In reply to how do i get my usb ports ...

Probably the system is configured to boot from usb drive first, then hd. Check the bios setting (boot order).

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