How do I get my wireless connection to work

By mrocco2 ·
I recently purchased a linksys wireless-N home router for my apartment. I went through the set up and started the network. 3 out of the 4 laptops in the apartment are successfully connecting to the network but my laptop does not seem to be connecting wirelessly. I have spent hours on the phone with linksys and still have no results. They told me that the connection is fine and there is something wrong with my computer and its wireless capabilities. However I have no problem getting onto other networks. What can I do to get my laptop hooked up to my network wirelessly?

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check settings

by .Martin. In reply to How do I get my wireless ...

is the laptop able to see the router? if not, try changing what channel the router is transmitting on.

also make sure that if MAC filtering is on, that the laptops MAC address is added

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by mrocco2 In reply to check settings

the laptop can see the router and it connects to it. The problem is that it connects with limited connectivity and isnt letting me access the internet. How would I go about putting the MAC filtering on and where do i find my laptops mac address?

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in the router's settings

by .Martin. In reply to reply

MAC filtering will be under advance settings (or something like that.

in the options, you will have the ability to turn MAC filtering on, then the ability to add/remove computers attached to the router.

your MAC address is usually found on the bottom of the laptop/Wifi-card in the format xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx consisting of numbers and capital letter.

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When you setup the Router

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I get my wireless ...

How many Computers did you tell it would be connecting Wirelessly?

If this is not set to a higher number than the computers that you want to connect that will be your problem here particularly if you are using MAC Filtering.


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by mrocco2 In reply to When you setup the Router

is there a way to go in and check how many computers i told the router it would be connecting too wirelessly? if so is there a way to change it?

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Just enter the Routers Setup Menu

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to reply

And make the necessary changes.

I do this with a wired connection just in case one of the changes that you make resets the Router to it's defaults but provided that you don't change too much a WiFi Connection will allow you to make changes and reboot the Router.

It's just that with some changes after the reboot you may not be able to access the router Tirelessly.


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Additional Info

by Charvell In reply to How do I get my wireless ...

Did you use a secure connection? If so, what security level did you use?

Also, out of curiosity, what are the OSs for the 4 machines connecting wirelessly? I had an issue after updating the firmware on my D-Link Wireless-N router that XP machines wouldn't get a full wireless connection because I couldn't apply the additional security PIN (The security PIN was a new feature in the firmeware update). My Vista laptop connected fine once I entered the PIN (I never checked drivers and I resolved this issue by turning the PIN off and used a WPA passkey).

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