How do I get past my school admin?

By Sweet Repeat ·
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Alright so I just wanted to download some ad blockers for my browser on google so that I don't have to deal with ads at home or school but my admin has blocked that and another thing while I was trying to download a game it wouldn't let me and said I needed admin permission is there any way around this I am on a MacBook air and I just want to download undertale on to my laptop to play at home.
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Sorry, the school admin is who you should contact

Evidently, this MacBook Air is not really "yours", being
provided by your school for use in your classes, not
playing games. Thems the rulez as they say. You want
a laptop to play games on, there's this stuff called
"money", it normally is "earned" by doing tasks known as "work", for which employers issue "paychecks".
These paychecks can be used to purchase all kinds of goods and services by exchanging them for money!
Radical idea, I know! However, when you use your
own money to purchase something, then you can
control your own laptop and download what
you want.
Wiz charge for the brief economics lesson! Just
call me generous!

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